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We offer CRM Implementation and Support services in the Wholesale and Distribution companies for the following products:

  1. Infor CRM
  2. Salesforce
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Distribution has become easier with highly efficient and technologically advanced enterprise solutions.

Like every other industry, the rising competition among the distribution industry is making businesses work harder to find their place in the market. On one side where internet-based distributors of distinct sizes are striving to catch the attention of the retailers, the large distribution powerhouses being built in the country are making the competitive landscape even stiffer. Not to forget the manufacturers, who are involved in direct selling products to the retailers, thereby largely eliminating the role of the distributors. On top of that the giant stores on the web covering almost every niche making it easier for the people to buy products through direct ordering, adding to flawless B2C journeys.

In the process of attempting to overcome the rigid competition, many distributors are likely to halt their businesses, while others who are willing to fight may need to adapt to the right business practices to streamline their operations. This is where the role of enterprise software comes into play.


Distributors often faced challenges selling through Omni-channels such as online, via mobiles and the like. The traditional ways of selling do not work anymore. To meet the industry needs, they require enterprise systems that allow complete visibility into inventory, flawless transactions, and better warehouse management.

Stiff competition is reducing the prices of products, and with other costs such as healthcare and transportation adding to it, the businesses need systems to manage business processes and increase efficiency. Using enterprise systems, the businesses can ensure only the right amount of inventory is available at the right time thus decreasing the possibility of overstock and expense required for it.

Furthermore, distributors can be more than just prepared to cater to multi-location demand planning, and multi-site inventory control. From providing tools to evaluate products' pricing based on historical trends to transportation management, business systems can effectively help increase overall margins, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Offering competitive prices is no longer a viable way to cater to the market. Distributors need to go the extra mile to make a difference. Providing value-added services can be significantly helpful in attracting more consumers toward your business. The right enterprise software will have the tools that allow businesses to add value-added services to their catalog effortlessly.

An efficient workforce is key to maximize business opportunities. With the right tools available, they will be able to use their potential to the maximum, ensuring greater efficacy and business growth.

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Enterprise solutions are a boon for the distribution industry.

Are you lacking a solution that would accelerate your business growth and amplify profit-margins? Enterprise systems may streamline your distribution channels and answer all your business problems.

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