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Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC)

Un-complicate the Complex EPCC Project Lifecycles.

Take control over all stages of a project with an integrated project-centric solution.

EPCC or Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning, are the contracts involving construction jobs on a large scale or complex infrastructure projects undertaken by the private sector. Under EPCC, a contractor is accountable for delivering a complete facility to a developer by a specified date, for a guaranteed price, and it must perform to the level of expectations. Failure to do so may result in the contractor being liable for experiencing monetary compulsions.

Oftentimes, managing the complex EPCC project lifecycles can be arduous and therefore the contractors are forced to use separate systems to manage distinct project stages, for instance, tendering, commercial, costing, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction, cost control, installation, and commissioning. Owing to a significant amount of work presenting several hurdles for the contractors, Enterprise solutions become more than just an urgency for any contracting business.

An enterprise software system particularly designed to suit the EPCC contract requirements enables integrated management of all processes and data in real-time. Allowing your employees to obtain complete visibility into all processes helps keep real-time control over distinct factors such as cost, resources, and risks, etc. As a consequence, contracting businesses can make well-informed decisions based on the captured data as and when required, reducing the possibility of failure.

We offer Digital Transformation and Application Management Services in Infor and SAP for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction sector.


Get complete visibility and control over costing, revenues, variances and progress measurements. Detailed cost and revenue estimates help manage the projects more effectively and intelligently.

Monitor employee movement and contract staff and get reports of their availability, expenses, etc.

With a fully integrated timesheet and expense functionality, track time and expenses accurately and avoid potential errors.

Organize work, build accurate schedules and provide precise cost estimates. Easy reporting, tracking, progress evaluation, funds management, budgeting, and costing helps make the job a lot easier.

Plan and schedule manpower, machinery, and materials appropriately. Eliminate the time spent on machinery breakdowns, material delays and mismanagement of manpower.

Manage the documents wisely and efficiently. Be it architectural plans, mark-ups or RFIs, easy management allows all stakeholders to find access to the documentation anytime, anywhere, thus facilitating the communication among them.

Ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of the facility with a comprehensive view of the data and the processes.


Track every phase of the contract with absolute precision.

Streamline the processes thoroughly from planning to the procurement of raw materials and then installation to maintenance of a facility. Enterprise Systems can make the job of a contractor far less complicated and troublesome.

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Engineering, Procurement Construction and Commissioning

Complete is always crucial for CONTROL real-estate contracts and projects.


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