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Are you customer-ready?

Forecast the customer demand and design solutions accordingly.

Consumer demands are changing. Satisfying the needs of a wise customer is the biggest challenge that manufacturers face today. The manufacturers, therefore, need to produce the best-in-class machinery tools and equipment which are equipped with optimal product configurations to be able to satisfy the extended needs of the customer.

No matter how well your business implements quality control and keep track of the customers, the success of your production, inventory, distribution and procurement strategies eventually depends on your ability to forecast demand.

Any error in planning may lead to a significant loss to an organization.


There are many ways enterprise solutions can help.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

Your customers expect a high-quality service from you that meets their exact specifications. With the right enterprise solution handy, the manufacturers will be able to access planning, forecasting and scheduling tools, which will enhance their ability to comprehend market demand, and schedule supply chain activities accordingly.

Real-Time Collaboration

Using real-time collaboration and data sharing capabilities, your engineers, suppliers, and production teams will be able to co-operate faster, which will further augment agility and speed up the entire process throughout costing, testing and production.

Monitoring the history of
whole systems

Complex systems such as HVAC installations, elevators often undergo performance variations due to many different elements working together, making the process more complex. Tracking the history of whole systems enables you to foresee the condition of the individual parts, so you can schedule timely repairs and keep everything functioning well.

Fill Productivity Gaps

The right enterprise solution enables the same information to be drawn from multiple systems across your organization. Keeping transparency in all aspects of business and tracking reports of all tasks accomplished will further augment the productivity levels.

High-Quality Aftermarket Service

Enterprise solution designed primarily for equipment and machinery enables you to manage a range of components and configurations effectively, allowing you to provide your customers a high-quality aftermarket service. Through a complete visibility into MTO and ETO product components and configurations, manufacturers can send out technicians that are ideally qualified for products they are going to work on.

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A systematic approach
can help Manufacturing equipment faster.

Enterprise solution, when used appropriately, can diminish the time, effort, and cost required to manufacture equipment. Not only will it lessen the burden on your manufacturing units but will also boost productivity considerably.

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Case Study

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Kingspan Water & Energy has adopted Infor LN enterprise software to facilitate their ambitious growth strategy. Merino Consulting Services was selected as the implementation partner because of their Infor LN expertise and implementation track record.


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