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Digital Transformation of the Pharma industry through intelligent ERP.

Pharmaceutical Industry has grown in terms of research and development, but over a period of time, the industry is facing numerous market challenges like highly disjointed distribution network, lacking advanced set-up & framework, increased operational cost and importantly a number of strict regulatory affairs & statutory governance issues during manufacturing as well as supply & distribution of products.

The Intelligent ERP addresses these challenges and helps with Swift execution of business strategies, minimizes delays, staying compliant and tracking and tracing of products.

We offer Digital Transformation and Application Management Services in SAP for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Effective inventory planning may help lower down the upsurging inventory carrying costs

Forecast demand through historical trends

Careful production planning and scheduling helps meet consumer demands in terms of product quality and timelines

Effective management through real-time insights into inventory or materials, sales order, customer relationships, supply chain, and company's financials.

Timely procurement of raw materials at competitive rates via efficient vendor management

Track production schedules through end-to-end monitoring of processes

Control costs through real-time monitoring of different aspects

Maintain quality standards throughout all processes

Streamline supply chain by ensuring all critical information is available whenever required

Effectively manage your dealer/distributor network

Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

Lack of Process Integration

Tedious activity of Material traceability

Tracking of expiry, rejections, rework, and wastages

Managing Outsourced Processes

Sampling Management

Compliance management with frequent changes in Government norms

Monitoring of BMR/BPR throughout the production process

Maintaining Quality with different parameters

Complex Formulation calculations

Managing WIP Inventory and its cost


Understand your consumers. Build solutions that meet their expectations.

The automotive industry is largely consumer-driven. Enterprise solutions can take the burden off your shoulders, automating the many processes involved in the manufacturing of an automotive equipment.

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