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The KEY must exactly FIT in the LOCK you own.

The selection of the right Enterprise solution begins with the right consulting.

Consulting opens up a consumer’s mind to numerous possibilities. Since the implementation of an enterprise application is a major investment for any business, one can not anticipate success without the right people around. There are several areas in which a consumer may feel perplexed, such as, while purchasing new software, upgrading an existing one, migrating to new software, or integrating various software within an organization for smooth functioning. Regardless of what reasons may compel you to ask for a consultant, it is crucial that you, as a business, take into account the years of expertise a consultant has before moving any further.

Merino Consulting Services has been in the business of Enterprise Software consulting and implementation for more than a decade now, which enables us to comprehend the various problems that businesses face nowadays. Take a glance at how our consultants may add significant value to your business through invaluable consulting.

Step-by-Step Process


Understanding the client’s business thoroughly
Consultants at Merino begin by having a through check of the client’s business. The step involves a deep understanding of the business processes, functionalities, pain areas and future aspirations, which enables us to obtain a clear picture of the current state of a business, based on which, we evaluate the improvements that are to be made.


Assessing the existing system
Businesses nowadays work harder to remain competitive in the market. Chances are that most businesses may have been operating on a system already and need a better system to replace it. Our consultants evaluate the existing system as it helps obtain the data on which the new system will operate.


Budget analysis and recommendation
Since most businesses have their own pre-set budgets, it is extremely crucial for us to be aware of their budget concerns. Our consultants take the time to comprehend their requirements and recommend solutions that fall inside their budget criteria.


Designing a solution architecture
Based on what has been agreed in the discussion, we begin by designing the solution architecture which is then followed by financials.

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Consulting makes sure your investments are worthwhile.

Businesses usually have varied requirements and to fulfill those needs, different types of enterprise solutions may be required, which makes consulting an extremely critical step.

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