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The relationship between humans and machines is ever evolving. After the arrival of Industry 4.0, this relationship is taking a new leap and adding a multifold value to the entire industrial value chain.

Optimising your people, processes, equipment with the power of a new automated technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the crux of Industry 4.0.

Whether it's supply chain, production, operations or worker safety, Industry 4.0 offers an intelligent network of machines and processes for the industry. A network that sets a new trend of automation, data exchange, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and cognitive computing, creating a smart factory for smarter businesses.

The Human Interface Mate (HIM) is one of the inevitable technologies of Industry 4.0 that bridges the physical and digital world to transform your business centres. Get ready to grow.





Guide operators with visual instructions during manual assembly

The HIM provides the employee with real-time picking and assembly instructions through Augmented Reality and warns in case of any error in a forward-looking manner. The smart sensor validates correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and ensures qualitative performance by preventing human errors.


Help to safeguard the assembly process, since there is no margin for errors

The innovative technology leads the employee error-free through his work and thus contributes in increasing the efficiency and improving the flexibility and quality of assembly processes. No wonder, manuals, checklists or handwritten protocols are now a thing of the past.




Make your production more flexible by increasing the impact on managing complexities

Owing to the user-friendly interface of the HIM software, engineers can create a project without any programming knowledge.


Getting help from the HIM to train operators faster

The HIM is capable of integrating with customers' ecosystem, such as smart tooling, MES and ERP. These smart integrations enable to include the existing environment of the workstation and secure the key aspects of the process.


Experience the impact of HIM in real time

Volvo Cars is a Swedish luxury vehicles company that manufactures and markets - sports utility vehicles and station wagons. They required a solution to support picking and assembly of critical components. Presently, multiple HIM units are validating the correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and ensuring qualitative performance by preventing human errors.

The Webasto Group, one of the leading automotive suppliers of sunroof solutions is currently a market leader. To improve the quality of the priming process of the sunroofs, it is currently using the HIM technology that guides the operators with visual instructions and facilitates the error-free execution of priming and assembly tasks.

The Alro Group coats a wide range of metal and plastic components. They were searching for a solution to optimize the quality and efficiency of the drilling and assembly station for the assembly of the Mercedes G-class bumper. HIM intervenes real-time and warns the operator instantaneously to avoid mistakes. All necessary human actions are verified by HIM.

The Atlas Copco Group is a world’s leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions and serves customers in 180+ countries. They werelooking for a solution to support the operator during the complex manual assembly. HIM helped detect wrong or missing components due to picking or assembly errors, which further helped reduce the number of faulty products.

CNH Industrial is a global leader in the capital goods sector. For the production of the combines, CNH Industrial was looking for a solution to support complex standard operating procedures (SOP). Arkite’s Human Interface Mate guides the operator with visual instructions, ensuring correct execution of related tasks.


Adopt intelligent networking and digitization to drive your future.

Exert the current trend of automation, networking, and data exchange with Industry 4.0. Turn your workspaces into more productive, profitable units, by introducing the power of Industry 4.0 into your operations.

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Get a wealth of insights in many steps of the manufacturing process with the power of AI Machine Vision and Robotics.

Detect and classify defects in real-time, automate processes that previously relied on human actions and improve plants and workers safety and productivity.
Industry-4.0 manufactory


Capture Intelligence

With Robovision AI, it's easy to apply a wide range of techniques to train algorithms in inspecting products and manufacturing processes. In many cases, different algorithms work together to find the solution for your challenges which is often hidden in the data.

Industry-4.0 algorithms
Industry-4.0 algorithms
Industry-4.0 algorithms
Industry-4.0 algorithms

Quality Control

Real-time quality monitoring

With Robovision AI, it's easy to apply a wide range of techniques to train algorithms in inspecting products and manufacturing processes. In many cases, different algorithms work together to find the solution for your challenges which is often hidden in the data.

Industry Quality Control
Industry Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Continuous quality improvements

Process monitoring is inevitable for any continuous production process. As complex processes and associated Big Data grows without bounds, new systems and processes are needed to scale with the needed accuracy and reliability.
For continuous optimization of production processes, deep learning methodologies play a vital role in providing highly accurate insights into manufacturing processes. AI systems are able to handle the deluge of Big Data and allow the real-time interventions.


Command the robots

Variability in the goods, changing production speeds, or changing environmental conditions...some processes have always been difficult, or even impossible, to automate due to (natural) variability in production processes.
Robovision AI has been built from the ground level and it is adaptable to new varieties, rapidly responding to changes. When we add robotics to the mix, it opens a world of new possibilities to automate tasks and processes that traditionally required human hands, eyes and brain.

Industry Qualit Control



Our platform has been built for use by operators on the production floor. Our simple and intuitive GUI allows for fast adoption within your operation to radically improve dayto-day processes and workflows.


We have built our platform so that it becomes easy to adapt to new varieties and products on the edge. Training and retraining of AI can be done on the factory floors without the need of AI machine vision experts.


We are continuously innovating to deliver the most scalable software backbone for your machine vision use-cases as well as simplifying usability to ensure a wider adoption within your organisation.



Imfusion Partnership

An ISO 13485 certified company, Imfusion partners with Robovision in the healthcare space. Together, it offers powerful software solutions for the medical image processing and computer vision.

Packing Robots

Developed a packaging system for Pepsico, Robovision's technology is used in Central and South America.

Textile Quality Control

Textiles produced for use in industrial applications means that the end consumer of the producers' product is not the retail industry and that aesthetic defects are generally of no concern during the manufacturing process. However, while aesthetic defects have, by definition, no impact on the structural integrity of the end product, they can give the appearance of ‘low quality’ textile. To give customers a sense of quality about the delivered product, each produced roll of textile is subject to a manual inspection over the complete length of the textile. This is easily multiple kilometers of textile for a single production run.
Pre-emptively flagging the location and severity of defects that occur during production would relieve the human inspector of having to manually verify every single meter. The focus could then shift to other parts of the production process.
The solution provided by Robovision allows for the automatic detection of defects and scoring of the quality of the textile per meter.

Brain Metastasis

Robovision is working together with a large European cancer research center on using AI for Brain Metastasis cases with the following goals: Improve accuracy Provide volume-metrical quantification Shorten times for interpreting and reporting for radiologists.

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