Upcoming Webinars

Past Webinars

  • New Software Implementations

    Wed, 30-Nov-2016

  • HiDOX the best integrated and proven document solution for Infor ERPLN / Baan

    Wed, 07-Dec-2016

  • How to Identify Segregation of Duties (SoD) Conflicts? In Partnership With Dynaflow

    Thu, 20-Oct-2016

  • ERP Business Specific Solution for Automotive Manufacturers

    Wed, 25-Jan-2017

  • How to tackle Challenges in Textile Industry?

    Tue, 24-Jan-2017

  • Data Authorization Framework

    Thu, 02-Mar-2017

  • Webinar on ERP Business specific Solution for Automotive Manufacturers

    Thu, 09-Mar-2017

  • BAAN/ LN Migration to Infor 10x Webinar

    Thu, 06-Apr-2017

  • Infor ION & Infor Ming.le Webinar

    Thu, 27-Apr-2017

  • BAAN/LN Migration to Infor 10x

    Thu, 27-Apr-2017

  • Innovative product with built in features for achieving Manufacturing Excellence

    Thu, 04-May-2017