Working at Merino Consulting Services

Employee DNA

Merinoites (our employees) are a perfect blend of domain expertise, hard-work and innovation. Always eager to help, they know the power and importance of relationships.

Work Culture

We bring together experts in the field thereby creating a culture that is conducive to learning and growth. We take pride in nurturing our employees' ideas.

Management Approach

At Merino, we believe in People over Procedures. Our managers achieve performance through better employee engagement.

Customer Orientation

Customers rule the market! We constantly strive to surpass customer expectations by delivering best-quality solutions and build trust-based partnerships.


Merino Group has always been amongst the industry leaders and set benchmarks of performance in the industry. To walk this path, we invest in ongoing improvement of people, processes and products.


We value our employees and respect each employee's individuality. Our work environment protects personal dignity of every individual with zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment.

Moral Fibre

A common moral fibre thread runs through our entire organization. We maintain the highest level of integrity and follow the most ethical approaches in our dealings & transactions.

Fairness & Transparency

We at Merino Consulting Services recognize the importance of fairness and transparency for achieving a trust-based culture. This culture resultantly raises the performance standards through greater employee commitment and teamwork.

Constant Growth

Our employees get to enjoy the thrill of working in a fast-paced company as well as grow through exposure gained by working with the leading experts across the world.

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